Vijay Balu

Customer Obsessed Product leader with 16 years of experience in Product management function.                I help product organisations, ranging from startups to large companies to solve their customer pain points, build customer-centric product vision, strategy, roadmap and ensure the success of the product using art & scientific methods.

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Creating Customer-Centric Products through Social Product Development

Meet John, a product planner at an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM), who is responsible for taking brand and feature-planning decisions at the front end of new product introductions. John is confronted with a few questions. First, what are his customers needs and pain points? Second, what trade-offs do customers make during a vehicle purchase decision? Third, how do customers perceive his brand and those of the competitors?

High Power and High Efficiency Alternators for Passenger Cars

Automobiles continue to become more comfortable and functional with compact size, thanks to the addition of numerous electrical devices. The continuous increase in electrical loads particularly in passenger cars demands the power requirement of alternators to be increased. With significant increase in traffic density in all cities resulting in reduction of average speed of vehicles, it becomes necessary that alternators deliver sufficient output at low speeds.

Webinar on Demystifying Digital Twin & AI - An Innovative approach to Product Reliability

About The Webinar Digital Twin is one of the purpose driven Digital transformation themes to reduce operational costs or innovate with new revenue streams for the manufacturing organizations. If properly strategized & implemented, Digital twins have the potential to become a game changer for the organizations to create sustainable competitive advantage. In this webinar, the speakers simplify the definition of digital twins including the application streams, focus on key problems that digital twins solve for manufacturing organizations, and present a case study from automotive industry for digital twin solution implementation based on their experiences.